Luckily things change, the world changes. All over the globe and for the better. latxula is born right there, from the need to continue on the path that those pioneers, those first women who had the courage to put themselves on top of a board, blazed. It’s the little contribution we make so that our greatest passions, surf & skate, keep on being as groundbreaking and innovative as they have always been. Because the number of girls and women who surf the best waves and skate in the toughest skateparks is now in the millions. And because they do it with personality and following their style.

That’s where latxula is.

At the side of those who are unique, authentic and powerful. Sharing the way with those who deserve to have clothes made exclusively for them.

When we created latxula, we did it with them in mind. They love who they are and what they represent. They obey their very own rules and the word impossible simply isn´t in their dictionary. They face life courageously and express their bravery through surf & skate. Or by any other means! Because latxula turns difficulties into challenges. It’s open-minded and tolerant underwater and on the streets. It’s about all that.

That’s the reason why we claim that latxula is made for those who give off good vibes in their daily life and have come here to enjoy their freedom.

Let’s now talk about our clothes.

latxula is a brand which was created between Donosti and Barcelona. That’s why it gathers the northern surf tradition and the cosmopolitan nature of the Mediterranean.

We trust the best suppliers to make our garments in order to ensure you receive them perfectly. Because we want you to have them just as we imagined them. We are demanding, but only because the results and the quality are worth it. We want our products to withstand your lifestyle.

latxula is a special label that fills us with joy and excitement. A brand made for you. “You” being a girl, a boy or whatever your freedom dictates to you. Because latxula can be worn by anyone who identifies with it. Who cares! The only thing that really matters is that you feel something special when wearing latxula.

But above all, that you feel who you are.